March 12 2023 - MORE THAN 1.600 VIDEOS!

That's incredible! We have already published more than 1,600 videos! These are all 100% exclusive videos that are only available with us! Yes, it costs something to join us, but we have the motto "content is king" and we try really hard to show you these videos. And all WITHOUT ads, pop-ups and opening tabs! Here it's all about what you don't see otherwise: fucking couples and naked horny girls who even masturbate sometimes! And girls girls girls. And everyone thinks no one can see them underwater.... But you do! We continue to work on the 2,000 goal Have fun!

1 week ago

Hello friends, there is a new review on! Here is the link: Our site has been extensively tested and we have achieved 86/100 points. So we are also here in the category "VOYEUR" on place 1! In this industry there is an old saying: "Content is king"! Beyond all marketing tricks and user guidance, it's the content that counts in the end. And our videos are really unique and can't be found anywhere else! We soon have 1,600 videos and continue to work towards our goal of 2,000 videos. We are very happy if we continue to accompany us and wish a lot of fun with our videos! Your UWSC Webmaster

1 week ago
February 20th, 2023 - Pay with Crypto

Good news for all who might have problems to pay with their credit card or don't want their wife to see it ;-) From now on you can also pay with crypto-currencies. For this we use the super service of We have now fully integrated the payment. Unfortunately, it is more expensive for us and the exchange and exchange rate fluctuations are also. But so finally all can join us who may not have a credit card or it just does not work. Have fun also furthermore!

4 weeks ago
February 19th, 2023 - 1.500+ videos!

Hello friends of the special underwater world, You may have seen it already: We now have more than 1,500 videos online! And there will be even more. Our next goal is 2,000 videos! It's really HARD to see naked people every day but we keep going. After one month with the new design and the new servers we really hope you are satisfied. You can also contact us via "Support" if you want to know anything or have any questions! And try out the new possibilities! You can create your own playlists and have your hottest videos always at hand. That makes every day more beautiful. Have fun furthermore!

4 weeks ago
January 17th, 2023 - NEW DESIGN

Dear friends and customers, we have a new design! From now on you can - Comment videos - Rate - Create playlists - Change your profile - Find videos faster There are still a few minor issues, but we hope to get that sorted out this week. We hope you like the new design and will continue to show you many new videos. Have fun with it!

2 months ago
27 Dec 2022 - 1300 Videos online!

We've already put over 1,300 videos online and we're continuing. There is nothing more awesome than naked skin in the water and we are really experts! With us there are only real people having real fun. No fakes, no actors but real horniness. Have fun!

2 months ago
Oct 25th 2022 - 1.000 videos online!

Hello friends of aquaphilia! We have made it! Over 1.000 videos are online!!! That's almost 100 hours of fun underwater with sexy girls masturbating, fucking or just looking beautiful. Our next goal? Of course 2000 videos! Have fun!

4 months ago
Sep 24th 2022 - New trailer

Dear friends and customers, we have a new long trailer online with several scenes of teasing, fucking, masturbating and some crazy hidden or forbidden sex games... Our members know the full length videos already but our new friends and guests have never seen them before. But there is a solution: Simply get a menber! And remember: You can pay by BITCOIN - if you prefer this payment option. Have fun!

5 months ago
Sep 23rd 2022 - Photo gallery update

Hello friends, we have updated our photo Gallery for you and added 56 snapshots from videos of the category Underwater sex. Have a look at them! They are all originals and the videos are all online... Have fun searching ;-) and finding the hot videos. Maybe we will manage to put more snapshots online soon.

6 months ago
Aug 31th 2022 - 750 Video online!

We now have more than 750 videos online and every day more are added! Our next goal is 1.000! The total duration of all videos together are more than 3 days! That's more than 70 hours of underwater fun! Today exactly 272.125 seconds or 4.435 minutes or 75 hours! So keep watching... Have fun!

6 months ago
Aug 11th 2022 - no gift cards anymore

I just wanted to inform you that unfortunately we can no longer accept gift cards via This company cheated us and took all the money. So we have never seen 1 cent. Of course, our customers can not help it, because they have paid. That is why we have decided not to terminate these memberships. But in the future, please pay differently. You can either pay by credit card as usual or by Bitcoin. You can find out how to do that here: PAY WITH BITCOIN

7 months ago
Aug 5th 2022 - 600 videos online

Dear friends, now we have over 600 videos online! Thank you also for the many emails. As you requested there are now also more non nude videos with sexy entertainment... Unbelievable what people do underwater... Like this couple that thinks no one sees them under the waterfall: she undresses, he starts fingering, there is a handjob, a short blowjob and then they fuck. Have fun with it!

7 months ago
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