About trusting

2 years ago
Hello friends!

In our business, trust is more important than you think.... Who does not know the story about Adult Paysites that cheat their customers. Either they promise much more than they can or want to deliver or they screw you right away by selling content that they otherwise get for free. For example, I was looking for a nice topless beach site and found a great site that promises thousands of videos and pictures. Since I just felt like it, I paid my 30 dollars and started right away. But quickly I realized that something is wrong here: All videos are always 3 minutes long? And have completely meaningless descriptions and even wrong tags? What is this? There should be shown videos with sex but are shown only naked couples? I started to take a closer look and they make it very simple. A script cuts all videos to 3 minutes, adds descriptions and tags from a large database and that's it! This gives the impression of having an incredible amount of videos!? Do they think the customers are stupid? In this way I could more than double the number of our videos... That looks better and brings more customers? And then? Of course, I cancelled right away, which was not so easy with another well-known payment processor... One had to search for a long time for the cancellation option. This is probably also intentional. With Verotel, the cancellation is very easy and customer-friendly - that's why we chose exactly this provider. Verotel is located in Europe, has bank status and is therefore one of the safest and best providers on this market.

We always try to improve our site UnderwaterSexcam from the customer's point of view. Our videos are all real, not artificially inflated and have correct descriptions. If you find a mistake or have a suggestion for improvement then just write us.

We invest a lot of work and time in this project. In the age of "free" tube sites, a paysite is a real challenge. But as in other life: The good things cost money, the free things you pay with advertising without end. And try to find "good" underwater voyeur videos! There are ancient things to see that have been circulating for years. Millions of people have watched it because naked people under water are just awesome, but what I found was just boring.

So if you want to see some really good stuff, join us and try it out! Check out the trailer and the screen caps of all the videos. There is some really cool stuff in there. Have fun!
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