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1 year ago
Hello friends,

It's about time to fill the blog with life. The original plan was to write something every week... But as it is with the plans - they are quickly thrown over the pile.

Building up this website is hard work and takes more time than I had planned. It would be quite easy if I would steal all the videos together and then just link them. That's the business model of all the tube sites. But I never really liked that. Because if I search there for "underwater sex" then comes so much crap I do not want to see. And of course, you get slammed with ads that I don't want to see either.

So I allowed myself the luxury to build something new. This is then also only for a certain clientele that is willing to pay for it. But I see that there are people all over the world who want to see this stuff.

Right now the main work is still editing the videos. If you want to do this officially and with the blessing of the credit card companies then you can only show certain things. So I have to look at every single video frame by frame and decide if I don't show it at all or edit it or "censor" it. And then suddenly you sit on a 10 minute video for 1 hour and the time passes. Whereby censor is not the right word. Because we show everything that is important and horny and makes horny ;-)

Ok, of course there are worse things than looking at naked people but it just eats time. In addition, of course, there are other problems, for example, the payment. You think it's easy, but unfortunately it's not... The main payment method for this adult content is still the credit card, but it happens again and again that it doesn't work for some customers and we can't always say exactly why it doesn't work for some. That's why we started looking for alternatives. One customer asked us to accept Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies) and I got involved. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy, but I spent many days trying it out. Then the idea came up to try it with gift cards but for that you need a service provider again. As a next step we can integrate the payment with Bitcoin or Giftcard also with an API. That would of course be easier for the end customer. Because then we wouldn't have to do everything by hand, but user names and passwords would be assigned automatically. But this also costs a lot of time and programmer power...

I don't want to cry because this could really be a dream job... Sitting naked at the pool with the MacBook, sipping a cocktail and the money comes flying by itself. But a dream is not reality. The adult business is hard work and you have to consider many things. You can't become a millionaire quickly here either.

Another big issue is of course the advertising and marketing and the possibilities to burn a lot of money are gigantic. Since one is made offers that you can not actually refuse. Earn a lot of money with little effort! Who does not want that... Mostly it is about affiliate marketing for other providers. So I should allow advertising on our site and for every click I get money... How nice. But that's exactly what annoys our customers! I want to see only real naked people here! No fake dating, no webcam super girls, who of course undress only for me alone, and no glossy porn queens.

Maybe you see it the same way!?

But this little luxury also costs money. But you will get exactly what we promise.

The next big topic is SEO! Yes, I had to learn that first: Search Engine Optimization! Basically it's about searching for something like "Underwater Sex" on Google or somewhere else and et Voila! you've found us, because of course we are on page 1 of Google... That would be great! But this does not correspond to reality at all. In reality you will find ONLY offers from the big tube sites and their content plagiarism... These companies spend thousands of dollars every month to trick the search engine and then land at the top. Every click on these links means money for the big sites. That's how they earn their money. And of course, such small providers are first far behind. The only chance is to upload your own videos to the tube sites so that you can still find your way to us. But that's the way it is and we make the best of it. Many of our customers and friends have found us via the big tubes...

Another possibility is affiliate marketing against commission. You come from a site (also Tubes!) that has a contract with us and if you join us, the partners get 50% commission! So in this respect, the fast money is also very relative, if half is already gone... But as my grandfather said: Better a bad business than no business at all.

I hope you like our site and our videos and I am happy about all your e-mails with praise, criticism and suggestions for improvement. So far I have been able to answer every e-mail personally.

So, that's enough for today. Now I have to put the next videos online again. Because we just promised that from now on we will make daily updates and present new videos every day.

So have fun underwater!

Your Peter van Dyke
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